Becoming an official Novatec distributor

I’m running a well-known bike shop in Spain, where Novatec has no distributor yet. Could I become your official distributor here?

Becoming an official Novatec distributor requires a lot of activities from your side as far as sales and marketing goes. You need to prove yourself and deserve it, by doing some hard work for this brand.

At the very beginning, Novatec management would like to learn more about your company like for example: selling channels (stone shops, e-shops, distribution chain), how many shops you have and where they are, which other brands you’re selling, which Novatec products you’ll be focusing on, what is your business plan, what quantities you think you’ll be able to sell, local market research (market demand) etc. Please provide as much info as possible so Novatec gets a clear idea about your goals and possibilities so that they can evaluate your interest properly. Meeting of people in charge and detailed discussion later on is matter of course, where further conditions and expectations will be presented by both parties.

In general it works like this:
In the first step (first year) you should order some goods from Novatec (wheels, hubs, spare parts) so you can start selling them in your area/territory. After one year you’ll provide the analysis of your sales to Novatec management. You’ll also present a detailed report of your selling results, marketing activities and a forecast for upcoming season. If your results are satisfactory and you did really well you can be already listed after this successful year in Novatec catalogues, among other official distributors. This will increase your chances to be addressed by more customers in the future.

After another successful year there is a big chance to be approached by Novatec with official distributor contract which will entitle you to sell exclusively in your area and forbid other distributors to sell in your territory. Without such contract anyone can sell in your area without any restrictions.

As you can see, it is a hard and long way to go, but getting exclusivity in the end is worth it.