Cassette body swapping

I want to replace my Shimano cassette body for SRAM XD 11 speed on my hub D772SB. How to do it and which parts do I need?

Going from Shim to SRAM XD for indicated hub model is very simple. You just need to make sure you match the right compatibility type of cassette body. Hub D772SB requires B2 type of compatibility so your new SRAM XD body has to be B2 type too.To find out the compatibility type of your hub, in case you don’t know it, you need to check out Novatec hub catalogues where it is clearly stated for each hub model listed in there. Example below is from Novatec hub catalogue 2016 and you can see there B2 marking:


This compatibility topic is being explained in other FAQ so if interested you can read more about it here.  

All it takes to swap the freehubs on your D772SB is removing the side cap on the left side of your hub first, and then pull out the axle. After that your current Shim cassette body is free to be removed and replaced by new SRAM XD body. Once the new body is in place you can fit back your axle and side cap. Job is done.

Important: Make sure you have just one water seal between hub shell and cassette body. Often happens that people don’t remove the old seal belonging to Shim body and on top of that they add another seal coming with SRAM body which is causing malfunctioning of your hub consequently.  
Another important thing is the inner sleeve spacer inside of cassette body. If your current Shim freehub has 3pawls and new SRAM XD body has 4pawls you need to make sure that you don’t use your old sleeve spacer meant for 3pawls type, but you use the new one that came with 4pawls SRAM XD as this is slightly different and not interchangeable.   

To sum it all up, when swapping cassette bodies from one type to another, it is crucial to have the correct compatibility type of cassette body like your hub requires. This is important for all Novatec hubs, not only for model D772SB.
In some cases, where your hub is not Easy 3in1 or Unique 3in1, you might need different side cap or even additional washer for your new cassette body. This topic is explained here.

Video below gives you a clear idea on cassette body replacement even though it is for different hub model. For your D772SB it is even easier as far as side cap and axle disassembling is concerned. Another video there shows axle swapping for D772SB so check that out too.