Conversion of wheels

Can you give me an idea about which Novatec wheels can be converted to different axle sizes?

As you probably already know, not all wheelsets from Novatec support multi-axle system.
This is not even required in some cases, especially for road non-disc wheels, where standard skewers (QRs) are being used in general. This may be changed soon as demand for 12/X12 through axles starts to arise in this segment too, but for now it’s ok for quick release only.

Let’s divide Novatec wheels in two major categories: Road and MTB. Now let’s go through these categories and explain which models are convertible and which not:

  1. Road wheels:

Like stated above, all non-disc road wheels, both carbon and alloy, are non-convertible models meant for standard QR only.
To be more specific, I’m talking about these models: R9, R5, R3, R1, Sprint, Impulse, Jetfly and Jetfly HD (no matter if Clincher or Tubular).
As far as disc-wheels goes, these are supporting multi-axle system and can be easily converted to different axle sizes.
Models belonging here are: R5-Disc, R3-Disc, Jetfly-Disc and CXD. All you need to do is exchanging the side caps on front wheels for desired axle size and changing the axle + side cap on rear wheels accordingly.

  1. MTB wheels:

All MTB wheels come as disc version and can be converted as you need.  To mention most recent wheels (since 2015), here we go: Dragon, Flowtrail, Alpine, Diablo, Diablo XL, Sycamore, Demon and Dirtride.
For closer specs and sizes please check out the wheels catalogues in section Useful links. Wheels catalogues can be found also here.
Please note that Demon wheels are meant for downhill, which are typically using 20x110mm TA front and 12x150mm TA (or 12x157mm TA) rear so there is no other conversion possible.

To answer your question: basically we can say that all Novatec disc wheels can be converted to different axle size.