Decal on wheels - MY2015 vs MY2016

I saw Novatec R9 wheels with different design than I’m used to so not sure if it’s genuine Novatec product. Do you have same wheel models in 2 different designs?

Yes, no need to worry in this case. You’re probably used to Novatec design applied on wheels from 2013-2015, let’s call it MY2015. Novatec uses marking u1.1 for this version of wheels so whenever you see that in wheels description you know it is design MY2015:



However, in year 2016 Novatec lunched new design for all their wheels so decal now looks different than before (we can call it MY2016). Marking for this version used in wheels description is u2.1:



Pictures above shows both designs MY2015 and MY2016 so you can compare them.

In fact, not only the wheels’ design was changed, but many wheelsets have a bit wider rim now.

Moreover, there are new wheels in Novatec portfolio like Diablo XL and Sycamore (plus size wheels).

For detailed information go see Novatec wheels catalogues and check out the specs in there (link is at the bottom in Useful links) or click here.