Delivery options for your order

I’m looking for fast delivery of my order from Novatec EU. What are my options?

First of all, let me inform you that customer/buyer is supposed to take care of shipping from his end, because that’s the Novatec EU policy. Novatec EU is arranging the shipping only upon customer’s request.
Once you let Novatec know that you want them to arrange the shipping, they will get a quote for you and you'll be invoiced this cost (assuming you accept it).

For small orders, which can be packed into one box/carton, Novatec EU is using standard Slovak post services:

  • Either 1st class registered mail for package up to 2kg.
  • Or insured Business parcel (EPG) for package over 2kg up to 15kg.

Under this category fall all e-shop orders (automatically set in e-shop as default option) and most orders from small customers.

Another special category of small shipments are documents, which are being shipped with TNT Express service, because of fast delivery necessity. This delivery takes about 2 working days.

For larger orders (more than 2 boxes/cartons or pallet loaded orders), Novatec EU uses freight service from companies like DHL, TNT, DPD, UPS etc. Most often it is DHL.

Deliveries mentioned above (apart from Express TNT) take about 6-8 working days.

So in case you need some faster/express delivery you need to arrange it from your side. Novatec EU will pack up your order, right after your payment was received, let you know the dimension and weight of your parcel so that your courier can be sent to collect it from their warehouse (EXW Senica, Slovakia delivery terms apply).