Direct delivery system - large orders

I’m running a wheel-building company and want to order 150 pairs of hubs from Novatec EU. How does it work?

In case like this, when your order is quite large it is not very likely to be supplied from Novatec EU warehouse, as they might not have this amount of requested hubs in their stock. So it will be produced in Asia first (Taiwan or China depending on hub models) and delivered directly to you. Regardless of where the hubs will be supplied from, you need to go through full specification of hubs with Novatec EU and they will order the requested hubs from their factory accordingly. Also all the documents (invoice, packing list, B/L) will be provided by Novatec EU to you, not by Asian office/factory. So you communicate with Novatec EU only  (they will be shown as notified party in B/L docs). Most often cases for large or customized orders are Direct deliveries, just read about them below. For detailed info about MOQ, lead time etc check out the general Novatec EU business terms in Documents section at the bottom.

Let’s go through possible cases:

  1. If Novatec EU has the requested amount of hubs in their stock, matching your desired spec, they will sell it to you so you can obtain the hubs within few days. They can sell it based on EXW Senica, Slovakia delivery terms so you take care of shipping from your end (you also arrange custom clearance if you’re from non-EU country). Or they can arrange the goods transportation for you if you want then DAP delivery terms apply (only if you’re from EU country). Prices are in EUR currency, please check the general EU terms below in Documents section.
    Important: Please note that Novatec EU keeps in stock only standard hub models with Novatec logo (mostly in black color) and their stock is limited. So in case you want to order hubs with your own logo or different colors or large amounts or any kind of hub customization it is not possible to have them supplied from EU stock. They must be produced for you in factory first so delivery time will be significantly longer.
  2. If the first option is not working for you it means that hubs have to be made in Asian factory, then delivered to you. There are several possibilities though: a/ you can arrange the collection of your order from factory (EXW Taiwan or EXW China terms) or b/ you can have your order delivered directly to you (Direct delivery system) or c/ your order can be dispatched to EU warehouse first then you can have full or partial deliveries from EU stock to you.

Now let’s have a closer look at above mentioned possibilities:

a/ EXW Taiwan and EXW China is clear, because EXW term itself gives the explanation: ones the goods are ready for collection you send your courier to pick them up and deliver to you (custom clearance must be done from your end too). In most cases is used air shipment. Prices are in USD currency.

b/ Direct delivery system in simple words works like this: you order the goods from Novatec EU; they forward your order to factory in Asia and once the goods are ready they will be dispatched to you by sea shipment. Delivery term is FOB Taiwan or FOB Shenzhen, China and prices are in USD currency. You’ll claim the goods from sea port based on B/L document (3x original and 3x copy) that you receive from Novatec EU and custom clearance will be done based on invoice and packing list obtained also from Novatec EU. Important: for both mentioned cases (a/ and b/) there are certain terms and conditions that has to be met in order to be able to place your order. There is MOQ applied, minimum order volume in USD, payment terms to be met and also you need to be aware of lead time, which is quite long sometime, depending on what you order. Below in Documents section you can find general business terms with detailed information about it so please check it out thoroughly. 

c/ Option when the goods are being sent to EU warehouse then forwarded to you (in full or in partial deliveries as per your preference) is quite clear without too much explanation involved. This option is the easiest for you, because you don't need to care of import part to EU, but the main disatvantage is of course long delivery time. In most cases your order will be consolidated with Novatec EU order(s), so you'll have to wait until both orders are acomplished and disppatched by factory. Moreover, to achieve an acceptable economical shipping cost, these orders will be delivered to EU by sea so that is another 40-45 days of waiting for the goods to arrive into EU warehouse. But once the goods have been received into EU warehouse it is a matter of only few days to have your order delivered  to you.