How European e-shop works

Who is EU e-shop meant for and how it works?

Novatec EU has created an e-shop for European customers, especially for those who don’t have an official Novatec distributor in their country. For checking out the list of distributors you should follow the link at the bottom in Useful links section.

Important: E-shop is meant for end-users (consumers) as there are retail prices listed with 20% VAT included. It is not a B2B platform meant for companies.

In case you’re a company or bike shop you should rather contact Novatec EU directly by email and place your order this way. This is very important especially if you’re VAT registered company and want to be VAT exempt. If you find it easier to make your order via e-shop you can do so. But please make sure you choose bank transfer payment method so this way Novatec EU can issue proforma invoice for you accordingly (with your wholesale prices and without VAT, if applicable). So this way you let Novatec EU know which products you want to order and you provide them with your full company details. Then you just need to wait for your proforma invoice and pay it with bank transfer (most likely SEPA payment).

Deliver within EU takes about 6-8 working days.

As for the payment methods in e-shop, there is PayPal available, also Credit card payment and of course bank transfer.

For detailed info about return policy, order cancelation etc. you should read the terms and conditions (the link is down below in Useful links section).