Hub D711SB vs D771SB

Can I convert my hub D711SB from QR to 15 mm through axle?

This is the most frequently asked question and I regret to inform you that such conversion is not possible.

Hub D711SB is meant for single-axle system, which is standard 5mm QR, so it is not a convertible hub. For this purpose, you’d need model D771SB, which is convertible hub with multi-axle system. For detailed evolution/history of these two mentioned hubs please click here.  

The inner construction of hub D711SB is different compared to D771SB which is the reason why one model can be converted and the other one cannot. Video at the bottom of this page shows a small experiment when we are showing how it looks when someone tries to convert hub D711SB using the side caps meant for model D771SB. As you can see in there, the side caps don’t hold in place and keep falling out from the hub shell. For this reason, we at Novatec EU definitely don’t recommend to do this conversion as it doesn’t work properly and that’s why we rather claim that such conversion is not possible.

Drawing below shows the difference in inner construction of both indicated hubs:


D711SB - D771SB (XD711SB) comparison compatibility.jpg