Logo types on hubs

I've just bought a new Novatec hub, but I did not expect to see N logo on it as my previous hub had a sticker with Novatec logo on. Do I have a genuine Novatec hub?

Yes, it is most likely genuine hub. Novatec hubs come with two types of logo:

  1. Novatec 360 degrees’ sticker (white text on red background) like picture below shows. This is HRWT (Heat Resistant Water Transfer) logo which is commonly used on hub for OEM customers. That’s why this is most widely spread and very often seen logo.


  1. Laser edged N logo where underlined letter N in grey/silver colour is shown on the hub. This kind of logo can be usually found on hubs meant for aftermarket purposes (for end-users/consumers). Picture below gives you a clear idea about this logo type.


In case you’re ordering hubs from different places/suppliers, make sure you get them paired with same type of logo on both hubs. You don’t want laser logo on front hub and sticker logo on the rear, right?

If still unsure about authenticity of your hub, please send the production code imprinted on it (12 digits starting with letter T) to Novatec EU staff and they will gladly check with factory if it is a genuine Novatec hub.