Orders from EU customers (small orders)

I’m from EU country and I’d like to order some Novatec hubs. How should I proceed?

It depends on which country you come from. It also depends whether you’re an end-user (consumer) or company (wheel builder, bike shop, bike maker etc.). Moreover, it depends on the volume of your order, whether you need just a few hubs and parts, maybe some wheels later on or you need a big order for production purposes (hundreds or thousands of hubs and parts as OEM company).

So let’s go through the possible options, but first for small orders only:

  1. You’re an end-user or company from country covered by official Novatec distributor: in such case please get in touch with distributor in your area and check the availability with them. Useful Links section at the bottom will take you to the official Novatec website with all its distributors’ contact details. If unsure, you can contact Novatec EU office so they will point you in the right direction.
    Important: if you are OEM company (making bikes or building wheels) you can contact Novatec EU directly, no obligation to go through distributor. But if you’re a bike shop or end-user, you have to go through Novatec distributor in your country.
  2. You’re an end-user or company from country without official Novatec distributor: please get in touch with Novatec EU and check the availability with them as they are covering these areas. Or go to official Novatec EU e-shop, find what you need and place your order from there. Link below in Useful links will take you there.
    Important: please note that e-shop is meant for end-users (prices there include 20% VAT) so if you’re a bike shop or wheel-builder you should contact Novatec EU and place the order by email (you’ll get a better price than end-user and also they will exempt VAT if you’re VAT registered). If you're VAT registerd company, don't forget to provide them your VAT number.


There’s another topic for big (large) order case, where different options are being explained there.  You can jump to that topic by clicking here.