Orders from non-EU customers (small orders)

I’m from Norway, non-EU country, and I’d like to order some products from Novatec EU. Is it possible, because your e-shop mentions some shipping limitations outside EU?

Yes, you can order goods from Novatec EU, either by emailing your order or by using the e-shop.
However, your order will not be dispatched to you, like it would be done for standard EU customer, but you need to choose from 2 available options:

  1. Novatec EU will sell you the goods based on EXW Senica, Slovakia delivery terms. It means you need to take care of transport and custom clearance from your end. So after you place your order and pay for the goods, Novatec EU staff will pack up your order and let you know the weight and dimension of your parcel. Then you should arrange with your forwarding/shipping company to collect the parcel from Novatec EU premises, go through custom clearance process and delivery it to you. Moreover, you need to make sure that your shipping company will provide to Novatec EU the export custom declaration document, which is a very important document issued after custom clearance process is over.
    Important: If you place your order from Novatec EU e-shop, please make sure you choose bank transfer payment method, so that we are able to issue proforma invoice for you accordingly, where VAT will be excluded and shipping cost removed (because shipping is arranged by you).
  2. When placing your order with Novatec EU you’ll need to provide a delivery address within EU (friends, relatives, company branch etc.) so after you pay for that order it will be dispatched to given address. Then your friends or relatives can forward the parcel to you as a gift. So your Norway address will be used as billing address and EU address will be used as delivery details in your invoice. This way you can pay for the order straight away in the e-shop by using Paypal or Credit card so your parcel can be dispatched the same day. As you can see, this option is easier and faster, but it requires a reliable person to receive your order within EU (in your case it could be Sweden) and forward it to you afterwards.

Please think your possibilities over and choose the option that suits you the best, before you place the order with Novatec EU.  

If you're not an end-user (consumer) but you're representing a company (wheel builder, bike shop etc.) the above described procedure is actually the same, but you'll probably choose the first option.The second option seems to be more suitable for end-users.
BTW, by small orders is meant that you place an odrer for a few paires of hubs and some spare parts or maybe a few wheelsets. For big order it would be tens or hundreds of hubs (even thousands) for production purposes and this is usualy done by big OEM customers.
Big (large) orders have to be discussed with Novatec EU in advance when specific terms and conditions will be agreed individualy with each customer. For further info about it check another topic here.