PayPal payment for Novatec EU orders

Can I pay with PayPal when ordering goods from Novatec EU?

Yes, this way of payment is accepted, especially for those who are ordering the goods from our European e-shop. During your ordering process you just choose PayPal as your payment method there and accomplish the purchase by sending your payment with PayPal.

If you place your order with Novatec EU by email and want to pay with PayPal rather than bank transfer, you might be asked to pay additional 5% fee in order to cover the loss caused by PayPal charges (it’s individual and it’s relevant to companies; it usually depends on your order volume, price level etc.). End-users (consumers) won’t be asked for this additional fee.
PayPal charges are a big draw-back for Novatec EU so for this reason they rather prefer standard bank transfers (SEPA payment for countries with EURO currency).

 Important: If you want to pay for your email order with PayPal, please provide Novatec EU staff with your PayPal email address so they can send you payment request there.