Quick payment method

Which quick payment method do you accept as I need my order to be dispatched asap from your EU store? I can’t wait until bank transfer is accomplished. Can I pay with my Credit card?

When you place your order with Novatec EU you can choose from 3 available payment methods:

  1. Standard bank transfer: you receive a proforma invoice with Novatec EU bank details stated in there so you can proceed to its payment. The funds should be transferred within few days (usually 2-3 working days, depending on your country and bank). Transfers from the UK take a bit longer.
  2. PayPal payment: it can be done either based on proforma invoice or you can use it in e-shop, when placing your order from there. It’s a quick operation, money is transferred immediately, so your order can be dispatched the same day, provided the payment was made in the morning. The biggest disadvantage for Novatec EU is that company has to pay some PayPal charges. For this reason you might be asked to pay additional 5% fee in order to cover this loss (it’s individual and it’s relevant to companies, not end-users; it usually depends on your order volume, price level etc.).
    Important: For PayPal payment you have to provide your PayPal email address so that Novatec EU can send you payment request there. 
  3. Credit card payment: this can be done only during e-shop ordering process as this is the only possible access to credit card interface. And because e-shop is meant for end-users (consumers), only they can benefit from this way of payment. For companies you need to consider first 2 options (unless you don’t mind paying retail price incl. VAT by making an order via e-shop). This is also an immediate payment method, allowing same day shipping of your order.


From above is clear that for Credit card payment you need to go to the European e-shop and carry out your ordering process from there. If this solution is not suitable, you still can go for PayPal payment.    

Below is a link to European e-shop for your reference.