Rider's weight limit for Novatec wheels

What is the rider’s weight limit for Novatec wheels, because I cannot find this info in your catalogues?

It depends on which Novatec wheelset you have in mind.
For Road wheels, which are slim and not so robust, there is a maximum limit of 80-90 kg. Maybe you know that Novatec has a special road wheelset (non-disc version) called Jetfly HD, where HD stands for Heavy Duty. This wheelset has 24/28 spokes compared to standard Jetfly wheels with 20/24spokes so HD version is stiffer and stronger therefore weight limit is higher: 100-110 kg. So use them if you want to be on the safe side with your weight.

For MTB wheels, these can be ridden by riders of max 110-120 kg.

There are some other factors that should be taken into consideration, like additional load on the bike or back-pack carried by rider. Also terrain structure plays its role, so riding on smooth road won’t abuse the wheels as much as a bumpy ride.

The parts used on the hubs will also influence the strength of your wheel. If you use steel axle and steel cassette body instead of alloy, that would make your wheel stronger, but you won’t do that for road wheels of course, where the weight of wheels matters a lot.
So it depends whether you want to use your bike for competitions or just for relax biking, which would decide about riding style. And of course the rim depth will also influence the wheel strenght where is obvious that deep-section rim with shorter spokes is stronger than thin rim with longer spokes.

For easier remembering of weight limit you can keep in mind roughly 100 kg, based on in-house tests caried on by Novatec on their wheels.