Sponsoring request

I'm a successful MTB rider and want to ask you what should I do to become sponsored or supported by Novatec in some way?

Novatec supports many riders out there but you need to understand that not every single person asking for support will be granted.
It is not in company's power to satisfy each applicant thus only few lucky guys who really deserve it and have proven themselfs will get a sponsoring contract with Novatec.

However, don't give up, because there is another way how to get some support from Novatec.
As you probably know, Novatec has many official distributors accross the world.
These distributors are supposed to handle sales, marketing and also some sponsoring in their territories.
So, if you're from country covered by Novatec distributor, please don't hesitate to contact them and see how they can help you.
If there's not a distributor in your area you can always contact Novatec EU or US branch and ask them for support.
Let's say you get a special discounted offer from them for desired Novatec wheels, so even that would be a small victory for you, because thanks to favored price you can save a sigfnificant amount of money.


Please feel free to open a discusion with distributors, including EU and US branches, and see what benefit you can get out of it.
When you contact them, don't forget to properly introduce yourself and let them know about you succesful competition history, about won races and further plans for the future.
You need to "sell" yourself, make yourself look atractive to them, so that will greatly increase your chances to get their interest and support.
You'll be expected to promote Novatec brand well after they sponsor or support you so you'll need to have some geat social sites set (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) with many fans and followers.
And of course you'll have to show Novatec brand on your bike and dress and also make sure that your social sites will be regullarly updated with pictures and positive feedbacks from your races.
Also some regular written reports might be requested from you so that Novatec gets a better idea of what is going on with promo material you've got.
But all this is a matter of mutual agreement so you need to get in touch with your potential sponsor and see what it takes.

Please check the Useful links section below so you'll get the contact details to all official Novatec distributors.