Unavailable goods at Novatec EU

You told me that you don’t have the requested goods in your EU warehouse. But could you tell me who else might have them?

If requested goods are not available in our EU stock, it is very difficult to point you in the right direction, because Novatec EU doesn’t keep track of products available at different places, like official distributors or bike shops.
Nobody reports to Novatec EU assortment of goods that they have available in their stocks so for this reason Novatec personnel have no knowledge about others .

If Novatec EU sold some goods that you need let’s say to a bike shop in EU, it is possible to check with that shop if they still have the needed product for you. But this lucky coincidence doesn’t occur very often as you might be from different country than the shop is so that makes things more complicated for successful business.

So you can either wait until Novatec EU replenishes its stock (in case your requested products have been ordered from factory yet) or try to source them elsewhere.

Best advice I can give you is getting in touch with official Novatec distributor(s) (as close to you as possible) and check the availability with them.
List of distributors with their contact details is below in Useful links.