Unidentified hub model

I have an unbranded hub and was told by seller it should be a Novatec model, but I don’t know which one. Can you help me with its identification?

Novatec staff will gladly help you with its identification. But they are going to need some more information about that hub from you.

Please check if there is a production code imprinted on the hub shell. It is a 12 digits code starting with letter T (or S for Joytech hubs). This code should be provided to Novatec EU personnel so that they can contact the factory and track down the full spec of your hub. This is an easy and fast way on how to identify your hub. This picture below shows the production code on the hub highlighted in yellow ellipse (sometimes this code can be found on differnt place, for example on the flange):


In cases when production code is nowhere to be found, especially on older hubs or customized hubs, there is another option available. The identification can be made based on pictures that you provide. So, in this phase you need to take some nice and clear detailed pictures of your hub from different angles. Based on the shape of your hub and other important details like cassette body type, bearings size, side caps shape and axle type can Novatec determine which model you may have. So, don’t forget to take some proper pictures of mentioned hub parts too. In most cases Novatec EU should be able to tell you which hub model you have and offer you the right spare parts for it if needed. But there is also possibility that you don’t have a Novatec hub so you’ll have to contact some other hub manufacturers.

Important: Often happens that some hubs (branded or unbranded) were produced in the same factory like Novatec hubs (in Joy Industrial CO Ltd.), but there is a big chance that those hubs have been modified/customized per customer’s needs. That would mean that hubs looking very similar, or even exactly the same like Novatec models, can be in fact slightly different inside of hub shell and because their construction differs from original hub it is very likely that spare parts meant for Novatec hubs will not fit them. For this reason, you can never be sure that spare parts you order from Novatec EU will fit your hub as expected. That's why we at Novatec EU can guaranty that only hubs with Novatec logo (or at least those with Novatec production code imprinted on them) will get correct spare parts supplied from EU warehouse.

BTW, you can always try to identify the hub by yourself in the firts place. Just go through Novatec hub catalogues and see if the shape and spec of your hub matches any model listed in there. If unsure, you can always confirm it with Novatec guys, but at least you can give them a hint and speed up the process. Your biggest advantage is direct access to your hub and possibility to make some measurements if needed, unlike pictures provided to Novatec staff, which don't reveal all the details about your hub. Link to hub catalogues is at the bottom.

Please check in Documents section a brief guide on how to proceed with unknown hub models, with given photo examples.