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If you want your company logo to be displayed on the main page of this website, in order to be seen by as many visitors as possible, especially if you're Novatec related company (distributor, shop, wheelbuilder etc.) then continue reading this page please.

Over 13 000 users (13 256) have visited this website during the last 6 months (01.05.2018 - 31.10.2018) and this number keeps growing significantly as new visitors keep discovering it (the website is relatively new - running just for the second year) .

Click here  to see the proof about visitors, you'll be shown the official report exported directly from Google Analytics. There is listed each month from May till October 2018 so you can check how many visitors from which country visited the site day by day.

As you can see in the report, people from all over the world are visiting this site so that brings a great opportunity for your company to get promoted on this website.

Based on this pdf proof you can roughly calculate/estimate that annual amount of Nguide visitors is over 25 000, which is an impressive number. 

It's important to realize that this website is being targeted by Novatec involved people so these visitors either already use or plan to use Novatec products.

That's exactly the people you want to have on your site too, assuming you're dealing with Novatec stuff so I'm offering you filtered customers already.

Let's be realistic, you cannot expect millions of visitors here as this is a very specific site for Novatec oriented people only so not everyone out there will check this site out. 

If interested in having your representation here, please fill in the the form below. Basically the most important data I'll need from you is your logo in .jpg format, at size 270 x 180px and a link to your company's official website.

Your logo will replace the Sponsoring image on the main page (1st available in the raw, the others will be used for other sponsors) and visitors after clicking on your logo will be taken to your company website. 


   ----------------------will be replaced by ---------------------------->   YOUR LOGO picture.        



These steps are to be followed:

1. Use the form below at the bottom of this page to contact me and provide me with the logo picture and company link (it can be a link to your main website or to your e-shop, whatever you want to show to the visitors after they click on your logo image).

2. I'll place the logo on the main page and have you informed about it by email (your address from contact form will be used so make sure it is written correctly). In that e-mail I'll ask you for the payment to be maid asap.

3. Payment for Sponsoring/Promo/Advertising will made by bank transfer right after I send you my IBAN by email. If you don't make the payment within 48 hours (2 days) your logo image will be removed from my website so please make sure you send the funds in time.
    This is the price:

          One month only ---> 50 EUR per month.

          Two months continuously --> 50 EUR first month and 45 EUR second month = 95 EUR per 2 months.

          Three months continuously --> 50 EUR first month,  45 EUR second month and 40 EUR third month = 135 EUR per 3 months.

          Six months continuously --> 255 EUR per 6 months

          One year continuously --> 500 EUR per year

Minimum required period for showing your logo on this website is one month !


IMPORTANT: Please note this is done mainly to support the Nguide.eu website (it's maintenance and further improvement) so don't look at this as purchasing a service. This way you not only help the website (supporting/sponsoring it) but also you get some value in return (your promotion/advertisement = new potential customers for you). So this is beneficial for both parties involved. The costs listed above are low and affordable for a company, I guess you won't get promo elsewhere, on other successful site oriented on Novatec stuff for as little as 50 EUR per month like here.  If you want to support me, but not the way mentioned above (you don't need your company logo to be displayed on this site), then you can do it via my donation page here: http://www.nguide.eu/your-support . Thank you.

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Name of company offering sponsoring.
Name and surname of person in charge for sponsoring/promo.
Phone number of person in charge in case that calling is needed. This number won't be displayed anywhere in this site.
Company logo to be displayed on main page in Sponsoring section. It must be a .jpg (or .png) file with the resolution 270 x 180 pixels.
Files must be less than 1 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg png.
For how long do you want your logo to be displayed continuously on the site?
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